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Last updated:  December 15 , 2009

As the future of Henoko Bay continues to hang in the balance we are delighted to announce that the Earth Report programme, Development with Destruction, made for BBC World television by Television Trust for the Environment with support  from Futenma-Henoko Action Network is now available on You Tube.

While new administrations in both Washington and Tokyo came to power earlier this year promising a new era of hope and change, as a recent article by Douglas Lummis makes clear, this has been in even shorter supply in Okinawa than other locations where despair and disillusionment have been the more familiar fodder.   

Business as usual in the Japanese and US conduct of affairs in Okinawa was signalled most succinctly by Obama in his Suntory Hall speech in Tokyo on November 14.  In his sole reference to Okinawa, he announced that, "We have agreed to move expeditiously through a joint working group to implement the agreement our two governments reached on restructuring US forces on Okinawa."

Added to the injury of the illegal and unconstitutional nature of this agreement, amply demonstrated in a recent article by Gavan McCormack, is the familiar insult that Okinawan people will be completely unrepresented in this anti-democratic 'joint working group', just as they were in the defunct SACO agreement which foisted the new base on Okinawa to begin with.

Meanwhile, even as we write, helicopters continue to circle the skies of Ginowan disturbing the peace and imperilling the public.

As the Futenma issue threatens to bring down the fragile Hatoyama regime, attention turns to  next month's Nago mayoral election ... 

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Development with Destruction, the Television Trust for the Environment documentary made for BBC World television in association with Futenma-Henoko Action Network is now available to order on DVD and video.

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